liver cleanse

$74 per day

Optimize liver function by eliminating toxins and chemicals while giving your liver and digestive system a chance to heal. Exposure to toxic chemicals, drugs, alcohol, or hepatitis, along with eating a typical Western diet, can lead to a sluggish or impaired liver. The following 7 Day Liver Cleanse optimizes liver function by focusing on cleansing, protecting, and nourishing the liver.

We recommend 7 days for optimal results.

Juice and food order:
Begin upon waking and continue throughout the day making sure that juice and food are consumed within 12 hours, allowing for a full 12 hours of fasting.

8:00AMdtox h2o

9:00AMliver flush and 2 tsp of beet salad every other hour until 8 pm

10:30AM sweet red juice

12:30PM carrot salad

2:30PM brazil nut milk

4:30PM green juice

6:30PM probiotic salad

8:00PM begin12 hours of fasting

Awake by drinking dtox H20 with our freshly squeezed organic lemon juice and alkaline water to begin cleansing the liver. This also cleanses the stomach and stimulates bile and bowel movement. Cayenne pepper speeds up the metabolism and helps flush mucous.

The garlic in the liver flush contains allicin which is a sulphur-based compound needed by the liver for effective detoxification. Garlic helps rid the liver of mercury, certain food additives and the hormone estrogen.  Extra virgin olive oil helps stimulate your liver to eliminate bile and keep the circulation flowing. It also provides powerful antioxidant protection against toxins that cause oxidative stress and damage to the liver.

The beets in our red juice and salad are capable of absorbing heavy metals. Beets can also help clean the toxins that have been removed from the liver, allowing them to be flushed out of the system instead of reabsorbed by the body.

The olive oil in Liver Flush is nourishing to the liver, encourages the release of bile, and is mildly laxative.

The green juice is loaded with your daily vitamins and plant based protein to provide overall good health. Our probiotic salad helps your body to better absorb nutrients and promote good bacteria, lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, combating pathogens and raising resistance to disease.

A well-functioning liver translates to an increase in energy, overall stamina and vibrant, radiant health. After completing the liver cleanse you can expect the following:

Increased energy
Improved sleep
Aches and pains are less
Headaches often cease
Reduces the need for night urinating
Memory improves
Mood is better
Allergies can disappear
Facial puffiness disappears
Sinus problems are alleviated
Complexion clears and brightens
Dark circles disappear from under the eyes
Some age spots may disappear
Digestion improves
Weight loss becomes easier, cellulite is minimized

The skin is the third kidney. Hot baths, body scrubs, sauna and steam are all great options to move toxins out through the skin. You are freeing up digestion energy to detox and cleanse the system of weeks, months, and years of toxic buildup. Ensure all toxins are exiting the body and not getting reabsorbed into the bloodstream by drinking plenty of water and taking hot Epsom salt baths (we recommend our dtox bath salts made with ginger and eucalyptus essential oil).

*Print our list of alkaline foods for your convenience